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Our Host — Alvaro Nascimento, long time resident of King; opened his dream "Port Soirée" in December 2006. Alvaro's knowledge of Wine and Wine Paring are one of the reasons that makes this Restaurant a big sucess !


A fleeting glance at "Chef Andrew Prebul" always busy preparing mouth watering dishes in the "Port Soirée" kitchen". Chef Andrew apprenticed many years with retired "Executive Chef Ralph Romberg". Our Chefs another reason to visit "Port Soirée!

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"Port Soirée" equipped with "WiFi" reception. Relaxed quitely with one of our famous "Specialty Coffee's" and "Home Made Desserts" and get a little work done !

"Port Soirée" opens wine cellar a Conference / Party Room


Ramon & Kristee from 20 Bells Lake B & B recommends <strong>"Port Soirée"</strong>

At 20 Bells Lake B&B, we send our guests to the "Port Soirée", which is just 5 mins north of us because we ourselves love dining there. The feedback from our guests is always, always good, especially when referring to the food, and so they always thank us for making the dining recommendation! "Port Soirée" makes us look good. What more can we say . . .

Ramon & Kristee Regozo
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