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The "Cellar"

The "Cellar" makes the perfect conference room separated for privacy it comes equipped with projector & screen

Separate from the main restaurant, this makes your function secluded and private

The Conference / Party Room comes equipped with serving kitchen and full serve bar


In the fall of 2012 Port Soirée expanded it's facilities opening a wine cellar. The "Cellar" / Conference / Party Room with it's intimate relaxed atmosphere is the perfect back drop for our wall of "Award Winning Wines".

The "Cellar" available for conferences, comes equipped with projector and hidden screen for when you must get some work done !

The "Cellar" is separated from the main Restaurant making it secluded and private. The room comes equipped with a separate serving kitchen, bar and to everyone's delight it's own cappucino maker making it the perfect facility to host your private functions.

We've enjoyed hosting many Business Meetings, Parties, Bridal Shower and Christening just to name a few. Let Port Soirée do all the work — don't miss out, book The "Cellar" today for your next business or family function ! !

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